Real Bubee New Generation Breast Pump Review

So, I pumped next to my pumping mate one day and had a huge shock. She pumped 5 minutes later than me but managed to get a total of 8 ounces approximately the same amount of milk as I did, and finished pumping within 15 minutes, 25% faster than I did.

Then, I began to wonder why did I take an extra 5 minutes effort to empty out my boobs? I checked her breast pump out and surprised to see that it is no Medela nor Spectra but just a simple tiny China brand electric breast bump called Real Bubee.

So, I bet that this pump could possibly be the key factor. Got myself one unit of Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump and use it for about a week and here’s my honest review on Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump.

What’s In The Box?

So upon purchase, you will get:

  • Real Bubee pump motor x1
  • Breast pump flange x2
  • Standard neck size bottle x2
  • Anti backflow diaphragm x2
  • Anti backflow cap x2
  • Duckbill valve x2
  • Silicone tubing x2
  • Y connector (for double pumping) x2
  • Straight connector (for single pumping) x2
  • User manual in English x1

Product Technical Specifications

Remark: Scroll table for more product specification info.

BrandReal Bubee
Manufacturer OriginChina
TypeSingle, Double Pumping
ModelRBX 8205-2
Rated Voltage5V
Rated Current1A
Rated Power3W
Suction Pressure250 – 330 mmHg (33 – 43 kPa)
Color VariantNon rechargeable (blue)
Rechargeable 1000 mAh Lithium Battery(pink)

Key Features

  • With 2 phase stimulation-expression mode.
  • Single or double pumping.
  • Mute motor.
  • Smart CPU processor.
  • Personalized suction option.

Impression By Features


The most crucial features that determine a highly efficient electric breast pump is how well it can completely remove your milk. That being said, this pump is a beast!

It can empty out my boobs in just 15 min, 25% faster than the time needed when pump using my favourite NCVI double electric breast pump. The powerful suction it has got me amazed.

With 9 suctions level (5 stimulation levels and 4 expression levels) to choose from, I can easily stimulate my breast or express milk according to my personal preference. My personalized suction mode level is:

  • Stimulation mode Level 2 (2 minutes): This help me achieve letdown
  • Expression mode Level 6 (8 minutes): witch to expression mode once milk flow is initiated. I use the lowest expression level.
  • Expression mode Level 7 (5 minutes): Increase to higher suction to express more milk. Sometimes if I did not get enough milk, I will stimulate my breast again using stimulation mode to achieve the second letdown.


With every purchase, you will get 2 units of standard neck bottles with 150ml (5oz) capacity each. You can pump directly to any other standard neck size bottles as well. If using a wide neck bottle is your preferred option, I suggest using the standard to wide neck bottle adapter.


This pump is extremely portable and light. It is even smaller than my palm, so it can fit perfectly in my pocket. Comparing to Real Bubee older generation breast pump, this newest generation model is slimmer and lighter. Again you can tell from the photo below that it’s significantly smaller than my primary NCVI pump.


A versatile breast pump means you can always interchange your breast pump motor unit with other brand’s pump kits. This one is no exception. It is compatible with my Spectra handsfree’s cup and other major brands too. In my case, I prefer using my NCVI pump’s tubing connector because it is more sturdy compared to the Real Bubee’s Y connector.

Ease Of Use

This cute little pump has a sleek and minimal design. It has 4 buttons with on/off, levels up, level down, and mode switch functions. This model has buttons that are soft to press which is really user-friendly. Unlike Real Bubee breast pump older version type, the button does not produce distractive sound when pressed.


The Real Bubee breast pump doesn’t have an LED status display, so it’s hard to tell the suction level and the actual pumping time. It is not a huge problem for me because I could always make use of my smart phone’s timer. No suction level display? No worries, just press + and – button to adjust the suction level according to your comfort and preference. But, you can differentiate between simulation and lactation mode based on the LED lights:

It comes with auto setting though, in case you dislike manual adjustment. But, I highly recommend choosing the right suction level if you want to clear your boobs faster and get better milk output.

It has to be USB (micro type B) powered by power bank or laptop as it has no built-in battery. You can get the pink colour variant with a built-in battery if you prefer a rechargeable type. But, it is slightly more expensive.


Will you feel comfortable pumping using the Real Bubee double breast pump? Well, it’s very much dependant on each individual. Longer nipple sized users may feel uncomfortable because of the short neck breast flange. Since the standard flange size is 24mm, if your personal fit size is bigger than 24mm, then this may not be suitable for you. In my case, I personally dislike the short neck flange so I just replace it with my Spectra handsfree cup, and it works great!


I personally prefer the silent breast pump. Why? You do not want to wake your asleep baby in the middle of pumping time, don’t you? That being said, the Real Bubee would fall into a medium noise pump. Below is the noise reading in decibels, measured using Sound Meter Android app (Note: The noise reading is just for reference, it may be varied by different apps). The average reading is 46.1 dB, which according to the apps, almost equivalent to a quiet office. However, compared to my primary NCVI double electric breast pump, it is slightly louder by 10 dB. Nevertheless, for me, the noise is tolerable and does not wake my asleep baby.

Price & Where to Buy?

With dual pumping feature despite sold at a very low price, I can conclude that this pump is the best value for double electric breast pump you could get. Selling price starts at only 34MYR (8 USD) for the non-rechargeable variant(blue) and 59MYR (15 USD) for the rechargeable(pink) one. Hover link down below and get yourself one now!

Non-rechargeable (blue)

Rechargeable 1000 mAh Lithium battery (pink)

Who Should Buy This?

Not everybody can afford top brands breast pump like Medela, Spectra, Youha, and etc. The Real Bubee breast pump may not have those fancy LED display, 30 minutes auto-shutdown feature or exclusive bottle design, but it does an equally amazing job as those expensive high-end breast pump. So, this pump is really perfect for:

  • Breastfeeding mothers who’re looking for double pumping electric breast pump but very tight on budget
  • Everyone who needs a spare unit of the double electric breast pump

Final Thoughts

Will I have this as my primary daily breast pump? Since it helps clears my milk faster, I have been avidly using it daily with my Spectra handsfree cup. It has been a few months and it’s still doing good up until today. So, to all mothers out there, don’t hesitate buying this super affordable breast pump. It’s absolutely suitable for wedding gift as well!

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