Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump Review

I was sharing the room with one of my mates one day when I got a bit of shock. Suddenly, I realized that my pumping mate pumped the same amount of milk in 75% of my pumping time. I started to ponder that what were the contributing factors in her speedy pumping? Would not you be doing the same thing? Anyways, upon further investigation, I realized that she was not using pumps like Medela or Spectra, but she was using a relatively newer Chinese pump named Real Bubee. I thought, instantly, that this pump could be the deciding factor for her speedy pumping. So, I decided to give that pump a try and immediately ordered 1 piece of Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump and got some shocking results. Do you want to hear how my experience was? Here it is.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Real Bubee pump motor.
  • 2 x breast pump flange.
  • 2 x standard neck size bottle.
  • 2 x anti-backflow diaphragm.
  • 2 x anti-backflow cap.
  • 2 x duckbill valve.
  • 2 x silicone tubing.
  • 2 x Y-connector (for double pumping).
  • 2 x straight connector (for single pumping).
  • A user manual in English.

Main Features

The pump has some incredible features which can attract you.

Key Features

  • No harmful material used in the making.
  • 2 phase stimulation-expression mode.
  • With a single or dual pumping capacity.
  • Muted motor with little vibration and smooth running.
  • Smart CPU processor.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Having personalized sucking options.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Real Bubee
  • Model: RBX 8205-2
  • Manufacturing Country: China
  • Types: Single and Double Pumping
  • Rated Voltage: 5V
  • Rated Current: 1A
  • Rated Power: 3W
  • Suction Pressure: 250-330mmHg (33-43kPa)
  • Color Variants: Blue (Non Rechargeable), Pink (Rechargeable 1000mAh Lithium Battery)


The removal of milk with high comfort determines the efficiency of the pump. Why would I consume 25% more time when I have access to the Real Bubee Double Electric pump? Nobody would want to spend more time on it. One of the exceptional features is that I can select the suction level from 9 available suction levels, as per my comfort and preference. You would definitely love to use this product when you would see its various levels. Wouldn’t you?

Want to hear my personalized suction mode level? Here it is.

  • Stimulation mode Level 2 (2 minutes): A great way to stimulate nerves by achieving letdown.
  • Expression mode Level 6 (8 minutes): After achieving letdown, I use the lowest expression level.
  • Expression mode Level 7 (5 minutes): To express more milk, I prefer to jump to a higher suction level. I would not mind going back to stimulation mode to get another letdown if I don’t get enough milk.


Within the box, you will get a couple of standard neck bottles having 150ml capacity each. Never mind extracting milk to any other neck size bottle. A wide neck bottle adapter is a recommended option if you want to use wide neck bottles.


Wouldn’t you love to have a portable pump at your disposal? If yes, it is undoubtedly your thing to buy. With its lightweight and small size, the pump can easily come into my trousers’ pocket. NCVI pump does not stand a chance against Real Bubee when it comes to portability.

You can have a fair guess about its size below:


You can always replace other brand’s pump kits motor with its motor, thanks to Real Bubee’s versatility and compatibility. Although it is compatible with my Spectra handsfree’s cup, yet I use my NCVI pump’s tubing connector with it as its more comfortable in my case.

Ease of Use

One main feature which distinguishes this pump from others is its ease of use. Four buttons, switch, level up and down and mode switching are present on the pump. The buttons are incredibly soft to press. The user-friendly nature of the machine is depicted from the fact that buttons do not produce noise or distraction when pressed. It’s always a pleasure to use this sort of user-friendly device.


Telling suction levels and pumping time is often hard as Real Bubee electric breast pump does not have a digital status display. Well, your mobile phone would do this job for you. Just start a timer on your smartphone, and you are good to go, not a very big problem in today’s world. Is it? Even you can adjust it with + and – button the suction level as per your comfort. Not a big deal right?

You can differentiate between simulation and lactation mode based on the LED lights:

If you don’t want to adjust it manually, here is good news for you. It comes with auto settings. Sounds interesting? Anyways, it is always recommended to adjust the suction level at your own pace and comfort. Do you want to extract milk faster? No problem. Do you want to extract milk slower? No problem.

The blue color pump is powered by a USB, which is charged by the power bank. Don’t want to use USB? No problem, you can get the re-chargeable pump in pink color but slightly expensive though.


Well, to be honest, this product works great for people having smaller nipples, due to its short neck breast flange. You may not feel comfortable using it on longer nipples since the standard size is 24mm. For sizes less than 24mm, it is highly recommended. For larger nipples, it is not recommended.

Where to Buy?

I can fairly say after using many types of pumps that Real Bubee is the best place for a Double Electric Breast pump to buy, which is available at a reasonable price. Starting at as low as 70 MYR (17 USD) on Qoo10 (SG), it is one best pump available in the market.

Who Should Buy This?

Not everybody can afford top brands breast pump like the Medela, Spectra, Youha, and so on. The Real Bubee electric breast pump may not have those fancy LCD display, 30 minutes auto-shutdown feature or exclusive bottle design but it does an equally amazing job as those expensive high-end performance breast pump.

The competitor of Spectra, Medela, and Youha has arrived in the market. Although, as of now, this pump has no fancy features of LCD, auto shutdown or exclusive bottle designs, this product is recommended as it pumps the milk faster than other brands.

Do you belong to one of the following categories?

Not everybody can afford top brands breast pump like the Medela, Spectra, Youha, and so on. The Real Bubee electric breast pump may not have those fancy LCD display, 30 minutes auto-shutdown feature or exclusive bottle design but it does an equally amazing job as those expensive high-end performance breast pump.

So, this pump is really perfect for:

  • A mom having a low budget and want to get double pumping electric breast pump.
  • A mom who wants a spare unit of the pump.
  • If yes, order now to get you Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump.

Final Thoughts

This pump is satisfying the needs of a mother. It has been quite a while that I am using it without any problem. This pump is making my journey of motherhood even more wonderful. Are you still confused about the product? Believe me, just order it and you will love it. You can even gift it to a newlywed couple; they wouldn’t mind obviously.

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