NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump Review

I had just given birth to a healthy baby boy last year and have decided for exclusive breastfeeding.

Like any other women, I want to continue giving breast milk to my baby as long as I could. So, I really need a decent long-lasting double electric breast pump in order to express my breast milk once returning to work.

After weeks of research on which electric breast pump brand to buy, I had finally decided to purchase a NCVI large suction double electric breast pump XB-8617-II on AliExpress.

I have been using it for 9 months now and here is my honest review on this breast pump.

Product Technical Specifications

Brand: NCVI | Model: XB 8617 II | Country Of Origin: China | Pump Grade: Medium Duty | Size: Compact and portable | Sound: 35dB | Mode: 2 phase stimulation-expression mode | Single/Double Pumping: Both | AC Voltage: 110~220V | Optional Power Source: Power bank or AA Batteries | Rated Voltage: 6V | Rated Current: 500mA | Rated Power: 3W | Function Display: LCD type | BPA free: YES | Compliance with International Industry Safety Pressure Requirements: YES | Suction Pressure: 82~300 mmHg (11~40 kPa)

Key Features

  • 2 phase stimulation-expression mode (*mimic Medela breast pump)
  • small/ lightweight
  • portable
  • anti-slip silicone bottom design.
  • portable hook for multitasking.
  • has a pulling cord for easier and quicker batteries removal.
  • non-BPA

What’s In The Box?

My first impression of the product is wow! It is a very pretty mint green colour double pump with no plastic smell at all. The product consists of:

  • 1 unit of power adapter (correspond to the buyer’s region area).
  • 1 unit of pump motor.
  • 1 user manual in English.
  • 1 set of air tubes.
  • 2 units of bottles.
  • 2 units of wide neck to standard neck bottle converters.
  • 2 sets of bottle holders.
  • 2 sets of breast flanges.
  • Spare parts (2 valves and 2 membranes).

Impression By Features


The photo above was taken during my 3 days postpartum period. You could probably tell from the milk colour that it was actually the precious Colostrum.

This pump has become my very loyal companion during my postpartum weeks and still be my primary breast pump at the moment.

Even though it is a medium-duty pump, despite heavy usage, I’m very glad it serves me splendidly without any quality issue.


The default bottle is 140 ml (4.7oz) in capacity, enough for average milk capacity of each breast per pumping session.

Previously, I pump directly using the default NCVI bottle, but since I normally get more than 140ml per bottle, so I switched using the Spectra Handsfree cup. (hold up to 8.5oz per cup).


NCVI breast pump motor unit is very small, so it can fit snugly inside my cooler bag. It is also lightweight and portable too.

The portable hook design is really a genius feature by the maker whereby I can hook it on my shirt if I need to move around while pumping.


NCVI motor unit can be used with other brand’s pumping kits like Spectra, Medela, Real Bubee and etc.

The tubing is standard size so you are free to switch to your favourite breast flange from other brands.

For my case, I totally replaced the breast pump flanges with my Spectra Handsfree cups as it is more convenience and extreme mobility.

Ease Of Use

During postpartum weeks, especially two weeks before returning to work, I pumped quite frequently in order to build enough breast milk stash for my baby.

There were a few times where I was in the middle of breast pumping when my baby started to cry looking for some comfort and milk.

The easy, fast conversion from double to single pump mode feature in this product has come in handy where I can easily insert the air tube connector from the unused side into the dual connector which made one-sided pumping while breastfeeding possible.


Thanks to its LCD display, I can track my actual pumping minutes and the suction mode. It also has the smart 30 minutes auto power-off as well.

As you may have already known, it is recommended not to pump more than 30 minutes per session.

When you pump on the road, this feature is a must! Unlike my Real Bubee breast pump, I have to manually track the pumping minutes and turn the pump off once it nears to 30 minutes.


This pump comes with additional accessories of silicone massage cushion. Apart from the super-soft surface, it also has unique multi-point petal massage design which stimulates let down and lactation. This creative feature definitely gives a painless pumping experience for me!


The noise level is about 35 dB, and it is super silent! I pump three times a day during working hours and have to experience sharing the lactation room with other users.

I am very glad that this double breast pump does not sound like any other typical noisy double electric breast pump brand.

As claimed by the maker, it functions super quietly that nearby people may not able to notice that you are currently breast pumping!

Which Features Can Be Improved?

I appreciate the maker’s effort to design this pump with detachable silicone massage cushion in order for easier replacement after some period of time. In fact, some other makers have also included this feature on their design.

However, after several usages, I found out that the silicone massage cushion may sometimes be detached from the breast shield when there is no enough seal-ability between my breasts and the breast shield.

This usually happens when I finally approaching the end of pumping session where my breasts become emptier.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a major concern for me since I can apply one simple trick by repositioning the breast shield to increase the seal-ability.

By doing so, not only it can increase the seal-ability, but I can also boost up my milk’s output towards the end of the pumping session.

Price & Where to Buy?

The price starts at US$ 86.45.AliExpress

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for Medela pump’s dupe, NCVI pump is the cheapest choice! It also mimics Medela’s famous 2 phase stimulation mode, which is highly effective to achieve letdown reflexes for higher milk output.

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