Naimax Cooler Bag Review

I was struggling to find a good bag to get my breast milk chilled for at least 8 hours. This tiresome journey of 6 months ended when a friend of mine recommended me the Naimax cooler bag series. I was amazed to discover that this series was offering some of the best products available in the market. I was literally exhausted by using the likes of Autumnz and Lekebaby. Do you want me to describe the pros and cons of the Naimax bag series? Well, I am about to do it. I just tried this bag on my friend’s recommendation and now I am recommending it to you as I realized that this bag serves my purpose of long-term cooling effect despite being a new brand.

What’s in the Box?

Every purchase of any series will get you:

  • 1 x dustproof storage bag.
  • 2 x leakproof storage bag.
  • 2 x ice gels.
  • A warranty card.
  • A description tag on how to guide the user.


6 Months Warranty Period

This feature enables the users to trust the brand. Such a long period of warranty makes this product’s quality even better. The guarantee is available for any defect on the product’s fabric or stitching. The high quality of the fabric makes this product distinguishable. It’s always the nature of a human being to trust the guaranteed product. Isn’t it?

2 Ice Gels (1 Year Warrany)

Ice Gels play a crucial role in determining the cooling effect in the bag. Surprisingly, Naimax gives you an amazing 12 months guarantee for 2 ice gels. You will see other brands giving you 2 packs of ice gels for free but not guaranteed ones. This is because they know that their ice bags cannot last for 1 year. At the end of the day, you will save more from a 1 year guarantee instead of a couple of extra pairs of ice gels.

This guarantee is a crucial part of this product. Would you not want to enjoy the guarantee of ice gels too in a cooler bag? I know you would. The user guide of using ice gels is written on both sides of the ice gels packets for our ease.

Naimax Ice Gel’s claims:

  • No water disturbance.
  • BPA-free.
  • Non-toxic.
  • 100% reusable.
  • Freezes perfectly.
  • Food grade never destroys my milk.

20 Hours Cooling Effect

When I heard about the cooling period of the Naimax cooler bag series, I was just amazed. Firstly, I didn’t believe it and regarded it as a false claim. When I tried the product, I was really amazed to see that it was the real thing. Even I once had the personal experience when I forgot to chill my milk in the fridge, but it did not spoil even after 20 hours. Shocked? No need to be. Just give it a try.

2 units of ice packs will be provided as a gift besides 1 year of warranty. Seems interesting? I know it is. Out of curiosity, upon further research, I found out that besides ice gels, they also use high-quality insulation material, which makes their product even more valuable.

Double Sealed Leakproof Guarantee

What could be the worst-case scenario with your milk in the bag? Probably, you guessed it right. It can be leaked. I faced this unfortunate accident a couple of times which I was in a hurry, it annoys, and yes, it annoys a lot. With the NaimaxSalient cooler bag, my problem is now solved. With its double leak proof feature, it is almost impossible to make the bag dirty with the milk. An extra waterproof bag makes a bag easy to clean.

Spacious Compartments

This factor always remain my biggest concern in deciding a good bag. The bag is available in the number of variations. Marseille, La Rochelle, Denver, and Louisiana are available series in the market. Personally, I like the La Rochelle series as it has perfect compartment sizes according to my needs.

This cooler bag has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 20cm.
  • Width: 17cm.
  • Thickness: 23cm.

I have a lot of experience of using these bags and based on my personal experience. The main compartment can have any combination below:

  • 8 standard neck bottles 150ml + 2 Naimax ice gels.
  • 4 standard neck bottles 150ml + 2 Naimax ice gels + 2 Spectra handsfree cups.
  • 6 wide neck bottles 150ml + 2 Naimax ice gels.
  • 3 wide neck bottles 150ml + 2 Naimax ice gels + 2 Spectra handsfree cups.

Eye-catching Design with High Quality Fabric

If you want to grab the attention of the customer for your product, what would be the quickest way to do it? Probably, you guessed it right, a distinguishable name. This series has made products with unique names that you don’t find anywhere else in the market. Did you hear anything like Marseille, La Rochelle, Denver, and Louisiana ever before? Probably not. This feature of the Naimax cooler bags attracts potential customers towards them. The eye-catching theme, elegant design, and qualitative fabric are clearly making these bags different. For different design available you can check out their official Instagram or Facebook.


Slightly Expensive

Putting qualities aside, this bag a little bit expensive than its competitors, probably due to its high quality. The money will be worth it in the long run if you look at the overall picture considering its long-term cooling effect and high-quality insulated fabric.

Product Rating

  • Price: 4/5
  • Quality: 5/5
  • After Sales Service: 5/5
  • Convenience: 5/5

Is it Worth Buying?

A big, YES! A great partner of mine in all of my journeys. It remained my best friend in the hour of need, making my motherhood more pleasurable. No regrets at all. Loving the product and their customer care. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking the right product.

Where to Buy?

So, have you made your mind to get this bag? If you have not made your mind yet, I urge you to reconsider it. Believe me; it is worth buying!

Final Thoughts

Although it is new in the market, yet its quality has made remarkable success in the market. The name may sound new but it is already giving a tough time to its competitors. For beautiful cooling experience and to make your motherhood better, there is no better option available than this. I hope you will make the right decision.

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