Imani Handsfree Review

Hi, fellow pumping mates! I’m back with another Korean brand handsfree review. Since this is a new product, I’m naturally interested and triggered to try. So, let’s dig into the details of this product and figure out my final thoughts about the Imani Handsfree and how does it compare with the Spectra Handsfree. Are you ready?

What’s in the Box?

Unlike the Spectra Handsfree Cups, the Imani Handsfree Cups is packed in a very plain and simple looking recycle box. You cannot find any of the product’s image or specifications on the retail packaging box except its brand name: Imani. No idea what does it mean in Korean language though. Each set came with a pre-assembled condition inside a transparent zipper plastic bag. It can be bought as a single or double set, depending on your choice or budget. For me, I got this in double sets, just in case I prefer using it over my current Spectra Handsfree Cups.

  • 1 x Imani handsfree cup.
  • 1 x Imani handsfree funnel (28mm).
  • 1 x Imani handsfree funnel (25mm).
  • 1 x anti back flow.
  • 1 x silicone diaphragm.
  • 1 x silicone valve.
  • 1 x anti back flow cap.
  • 1 x instruction card.


Closed System with Anti-backflow

Imani Handsfree cup has a closed system, similar to Spectra and Freemie latest handsfree cup, which prevent milk from entering your air hose or tubing while pumping.

Internal Anti-backflow System

The anti-backflow parts are placed inside the handsfree collection cup also mimics the Spectra and Freemie Handsfree Cup. This feature is better than the external anti back flow system (attached to tubing), as it would prevent the risk of sudden pump malfunction, which commonly happens when the anti-backflow parts accidentally detached from the tubing.

Comes in 2 Funnel Sizes (25mm and 28mm per set)

Similar to Freemie Handsfree, Imani Handsfree cup set also comes in two funnel sizes: 25mm, and 28mm. If you prefer large flange size, then 28mm is best for you. For those prefer smaller size, 25mm definitely works well for you.

Intelligent Cap Design to Prevent Tubing Contamination

Definitely my favorite feature because this unique cap will prevent your silicone tubing being in contact with your milk because the milk outlet is actually separated from the tubing connector. Unlike the Spectra handsfree, I have to manually cut the contaminated part of my silicone tubing that connects to the cap and eventually need to replace to new tubing once it is too short. High five if you ever did that too!

Can Hold Up To 230ml of Milk per Cup

Each Imani handsfree cup can hold up to 230ml of milk which could hold a total of 460ml from both cups. Highly recommended for breastfeeding moms who are in their early postpartum period or nursing moms with a baby younger than 6 months because of the abundant milk supply.

Easy to Assemble

5 hassle free assembly steps per cup:

  • Step 1: Fasten valve to backflow connector (bottom).
  • Step 2: Fasten silicone diaphragm to backflow connector (top).
  • Step 3: Fasten connector to funnel.
  • Step 4: Fasten set of funnel+connector to the handsfree milk collection cup.
  • Step 5: Secure with backflow cap.

Easy Pouring

Imani handsfree cups comes with easy pouring outlet design. To pour your milk, you just need to remove the cap and pour slowly towards your milk storage bottle or bag. When less milk left, slowly tilt the position to 45 degrees on the opposite side to ensure no milk residue.

BPA and DEHP Free Product

All parts are made of non-BPA and non-DEHP material. BPA exposure to the fetus, infants, and children are commonly associated with possible health effect on their brain, whereas DEHP exposure is linked to increased risk of cancer and harmful to the male reproductive system.

Milk Output is Not Affected

With Imani handsfree, my yield still remains the same. This aspect is quite subjective as your milk output is very much dependent on which flange or funnel size are you using and how secure fit your bra is to hold the cups. So, the same rules apply to any handsfree cup.

Less Parts To Wash

Each set, you would only need to wash 5 parts: Funnel, cup, silicone diaphragm, silicone valve, and anti-backflow.

Perfect Cup Size

Normally when I wear Spectra Handsfree cup in the public, people would freak out at my oversize boobs! But, with Imani Handsfree cup, it isn’t as bulky as Spectra handsfree cup and less noticeable. Definitely, not oversize or too small.


No Measuring Mark to Indicate Milk Output Capacity

I wish there would be an upgraded version with milk output capacity indication. This feature allows you to instantly know how much milk you’ve pumped before storing it to other storage bottle or breast milk storage bag.

Increase in Milk Storage Time

The anti back flow cap design brings disadvantage to your average time needed to complete the entire pumping session. Let me tell you, upon finish pumping, firstly you have to disconnect the tubing, secondly remove the cap (this is the tedious part), thirdly slowly pour milk to desidavred storage bottle or bag and lastly fasten back the cap.

Is it Worth Buying?

A simple, yes! If you have extra budget. With 1 unit purchase, you will get 2 different size funnels (25mm and 28mm). Apart from that, you don’t have to religiously replace the silicone tubing because the unique cap would protect it from contamination.

How Does it Compare to Spectra Handsfree?

If you’re considering to pick between Spectra or Imani Handsfree, here’s the solid reasons to consider:

  • Have less budget (below 25 USD).
  • Want to shorten milk storing time.
  • Suit flange size 28mm user.
  • Prefer Large size cup (8.5oz per cup).
  • Prefer stronger suction.
  • Abundant milk.
  • Do not mind changing the silicone tube every 3 months.

Buy Imani Handsfree Cup if you:

  • Have more budget (around 38 USD).
  • Do not mind slightly longer milk storing time.
  • Suit flange size 25mm or 28mm user.
  • Prefer Small size cup (8oz per cup).
  • Prefer softer suction.
  • Do not want to replace silicone tubing unless needed.

Below are the side by side comparison between Imani and Spectra handsfree cups.

Where to Buy?

I got this at Qoo10 (SG) during the store promotion sale. It was directly shipped from Korea (official Imani distributor) within only 4 days. You can check it out here:

It is currently under 13% discount promotion at the time of writing, so hurry up before it ends! Price after discount is 18.86 USD for a single unit and 37.72 USD for 2 units.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using the Imani handsfree cup for almost 2 weeks now and absolutely love it! Comparing it to my Spectra handsfree cup, I feel more comfortable with Imani handsfree cup because despite of the same flange size used (25mm), the suction intensity difference is noticeable. Spectra on the other hand, have a larger silicone diaphragm compared to Imani, thus making the suction intensity greater. So, with Spectra, you will feel slightly painful if you’re using maximum suction level. If you have sensitive nipples like me, Imani would certainly suit you better!

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