ibaby Little Fish Playmat Toy Review

Ever getting tired of buying expensive toys from various online stores but just to end up with craps that are so much different than the actual advertised product?

Well, today I’m going to show you how you could save a lot with the ibaby Little Fish Playmat Music Carpet Piano for less than USD 5 and still getting the same high-quality product as the other big brands out there.


To be honest, the box design is pretty attractive. It is so colorful and provides some useful information you need to know about the product. A few toy manufacturers decide to wrap their products using plastic cover only to save cost but this is not the case.

It has a yellow plastic handle at the top of the box for your convenience that can be used the same way as carrying a bag.

The box itself measures almost the same as your average laptop size but slimmer. The full dimension including the fish-like shape mat is 63 CM x 27 CM (roughly 24.8 inches x 10 inches).


It uses 3 “AA” size batteries which are not included. The power can last rather subjective, depending on the brand of the batteries and how often your child plays with it.

It claims to be touch-sensitive which is quite true. I made a short YouTube video to show you how responsive the mat is.

It has 2 red LED at the side of the panel. The lights will blink according to the music of your choice. It also features 8 keys buttons that have a really pleasant melody almost like one of those high-quality products from big names, I’m not kidding you!

The fabric is made out of quality material. You can tell just by looking at it. The fabric is very smooth even after testing it over a week or so, the item is still in one piece. The only downside is, it cannot be washed off. Otherwise, the water will get into the board and short circuit the electronic parts within the mat.


The sound produced is quite loud but lovely. Some musical instrument toys I’ve bought previously have a somewhat high pitch sound and can get annoying over time. What surprises me is they are 10 times more expensive than this one!

Unfortunately, this video was taken on an Apple iPod 6 so you might hear some breaking sound came from the microphone and not the speaker. The video is raw and unedited so that you can get the same feeling of using it.

How to use?

As your little one start expressing themselves by natural kicking motions or standing, they can step on the mat apart from sitting and playing it with their fingers. Thus, helping them to improve their motor skills because this is very important for early child development.

When pressed, key 1 will give a song and key 2 will give the sound of a duck. Key 4 to 11 are for notes. Key 3 is for the transformation of 2 modes,

  • Mode 1: Press key 3, then press key 4 to 11 for single notes.
  • Mode 2: Press key 3, then press any keys from 4 to 11 for different sets of nursery rhyme music.

The power on and off switch acts like a knob. It can be turned left and right easily without much effort.

At the back of the panel, there’s a battery compartment. The screw act as extra protection just in case your little one got curious and open it up and put the batteries in their mouth.

Where to buy?

If you live in Kuching, Malaysia or have friends from here. You can ask them to get it at any of the local Supersave (Chinese) departmental store branches. It will only cost you RM20.99 (roughly USD 4.99). This is incredibly cheap compared to those selling it online such as USD 9.90 (before the discount is crazy USD 16.50 exclusive of shipping cost), USD 9.61, or USD 8.60.

Final thoughts

This would be a great gift for the music enthusiast. It can also be used as a cuddle blanket, or simply hang it on the wall for decoration. I say it’s really worth every penny. It’s not easy to get a cheap music carpet piano with this kind of quality and price tag.

By Noah Bloom

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