GOO.N Premium Pants Diapers Review

As my baby hit the rollover milestone, it is more challenging to put the tape diaper on him. Due to that, pant diaper type has become his daily day wear because it is easier to put on compared to tape type.

Since having my first child, I have been trying various brands of pant type diaper ranging from the some of the famous brands like Drypers, Huggies, MamyPoko, Whopee, and GOO.N. In this product review, I’m going to review on GOO.N premium pants, another Japanese brand lineup, after MamyPoko.

About GOO.N Brand

You may seldom hear about this diaper brand as it is considered new in our local diaper industry. In 2002, it has won the ‘Mother Selection Award’ in Japan and currently ranked as second Top Diaper brand in Japan, after MamyPoko.

Goon is a Japanese term ぐんぐん (Gun-Gun) which means steadily. In short, Goon diaper brand supports child growth steadily by providing the best ever option.

Product Materials

Top SheetPolyolefin non-woven
Absorbent CorePulp, super absorbent polymer, paper
Back SheetPolypropylene film
FastenerStyrene elastomer synthetic resin
StretchierPolyurethane, polypropylene film polyethylene

6 Key Features

  • High-speed Lock: Central Absorbent core absorbs quickly & effectively locks liquid away thus giving baby maximum leakage protection.
  • 6 Cups: Highest quality absorbency with extra Absorbent pad which allows almost instant liquid dispersion.
  • Breath-ability: Keep baby’s skin dry with a high-quality breathable sheet.
  • Comfy Wear & Move: Highly flexible elastic waistband provides utmost comfort & support baby’s every movement.
  • Roll & Throw: Easy to dispose, just roll and secure with adhesive tape before throwing away.
  • Cutie Design: 10 Leo-kun characters (Japanese cartoon characters) printed on the diaper back sheet, which makes changing diaper fun & stimulates baby’s development.

Impression By Feature


The photo above shows side by side comparison between before and after 12 hours of usage. (left side: Neutral condition, right side: After 12 hours). It was taken right after my baby woke up around 7 am.

That was about 12 hours since the last diaper change. As you may see on the right side, the diaper was capable to hold quite a lot of urine.

The average daytime diaper has an absorbing capacity up to 120ml whereas overnight diaper should be able to hold up to 300ml of urine.

Do you know this?

GOO.N diaper claims that it can hold up to 6 cups of 50ml which equivalent to 300ml. Since it can hold up to 300ml, the surface of the diaper was indeed very dry after 12 hours.

Based on personal experience, compared to Drypers Drypantz, GOO.N has the higher absorbing capacity and serve as good as tape diaper if used as an overnight diaper.

  • Quick absorbing material
  • Hold up to 300ml (6 cups) urine capacity


I tried pressing on the inner core surface to feel the gel form that locked in the moisture as well.

No liquid residue was seen so I believed that the special absorbing agents have prevented the urine from leaking overnight.

Apparently, there was no leakage on my baby’s pant and my baby’s bum stayed dry all night long.

  • 12 hours maximum leakage protection guarantee


Compared to Drypers Drypant, GOO.N premium pant has a smoother and fluffier inner surface.

It feels almost like a cotton surface fabric. If blindfolded, I can immediately distinguish between Drypant and GOO.N pant by just touching on the inner surface.

  • Super fluffy and soft
  • Softer than DRYPERS Drypantz


GOO.N diaper pant has a very soft yet flexible elastic waist and sides. It does not leave any tension mark on my baby’s leg and waist area.

Judging based on this, my baby looks very comfortable wearing this pant. The GOO.N pant is undoubtedly thinner than the Drypers Drypant.

Despite thinner inner absorbent layer, the advanced liquid absorbing characteristic helps to quickly lock and hold up urine without leakage.

With thinner and breathable sheet layers, my baby’s skin stays dry throughout 12 hours.

  • Very suitable for active babies
  • Baby’s bum stayed dry for 12 hours

For Sensitive Skin

GOO.N diaper is made of ecologically pure materials. They DO NOT contain the following harmful substances:

  • formaldehyde
  • phthalates
  • chlorine compound
  • optic bleach
  • synthetic aroma
  • petroleum lotion

With hypoallergenic materials, it did not cause any allergic reaction to my baby’s bum. The skin did not show any sign of redness or rashes. It stays dry throughout the night.

I can conclude that it is best for babies with very sensitive skin.

  • Suitable for baby with very sensitive skin
  • Free from harmful chemicals

Value For Money

The price for GOO.N Premium Pants is MYR 0.97 per pcs. Compared to Drypers Drypant with MYR 0.64 per pcs, it is slightly more expensive by 34 cents per pcs.

But, due to its extra drying protection which keeps my baby dry throughout 12 hours, it actually compensated the slightly higher price.

I have tried both diaper brands on my 8 months baby, and based on personal point of view, Drypers Drypantz could only provide a maximum of 8 hours dryness to my baby’s bum whereas GOO.N pant can protect up to 12 hours.

So, despite slightly higher in cost per unit, if you calculate exactly from the actual usage, it is actually cheaper thus value for money.

Premium Pant
Extra Dry Pant
Price Per PieceMYR 0.97MYR 0.64MYR 1.31
  • Slightly more expensive than DRYPERS Drypantz but cheaper than MamyPoko Extra Dry Pant

Size Variants

It offers a standard range of sizes from S to XXXL, same as other diaper brands you can find in the market.

The newborn size is unavailable because pant type diaper is not really suitable for a newborn.

I have been noticing that GOO.N diaper is slightly bigger in size when compared to other general diaper brands like Drypers, MamyPoko and etc, despite similar in size classification.

  • Size available from S to XXXL

Convenience to Parent

Normally, before disposing the dirty pant, you need to roll and secure it properly especially if it contains your baby’s poops.

Same as Drypers Drypantz, it also has the adhesive tape to secure the pant before you throw it away. This feature is very cool and of course, bring so much convenience.

The side of the pant is also very easy to tear, making a faster diaper change. Compared to Drypers Drypantz, GOO.N Premium pant is so much easier to tear because the material is softer.

The other impressive feature exists in GOO.N pant would be the front/back & size indication. Sometimes, I get confused between L and XL size of Drypantz because there was no size indication on either side of the pants.

Believe me, only parents with more than two young toddlers like me often experience this problem.

  • Have good adhesive tape for easy disposal
  • Have Size & back/front indication

Where to Buy?

GOO.N diaper is available in certain main malls near you. Since it is quite a new brand, some malls may not have it. But, in case it is not available in your area, you can also purchase it on Lazada:

Final Thoughts

In overall, based on few months experience, GOO.N Premium Pant by far is the best overnight pant for my kid. If you’re looking for the cheaper alternative of MamyPoko Pant, then this is your best option.

I will also be reviewing different brands for the following categories in the upcoming post. So, stay tuned for the upcoming reviews!

  • Best Overnight Tape Diaper
  • Best Overall Diaper
  • Parents All Time Favorite
  • Best For Sensitive Skin Diaper
  • Best Daytime Diaper

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