Cmbear Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Cmbear, another cheap Chinese breast pump has gained its popularity quite recently. Perhaps, should I say a strong and new competitor to Real Bubee? With that curiosity in mind, finally got myself to experience pumping using this brand. By reading my in-depth review of this breast pump, you would definitely have some insight into the product’s pros and cons, thus help you decide whether to buy or not.

What’s in the box?

Cmbear Double Electric Breast Pump comes in a medium-size rectangular box. You can effortlessly get all the product’s technical specifications, key features, actual pump image, and even the manufacturer details on the retail packaging box. 

Apparently, there are four cute bears portrayed on one of its packaging labels, which resembles the brand’s name, I supposed. 

Cmbear has quite a variety of breast pump models to choose from. The one that I got is the latest model, ZRX-0912.

It is manufactured by a Chinese company called Qing Yuan Wan Cheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. 

Let’s look into what’s included in the box. Altogether you will get 13 items, including the pump motor unit. It is round in shape, and the body is solid white. The pump controller even has a touch screen LCD display (isn’t it cool?). 

Other than the pump motor, the breast pump set also consists of breast shield, body connector, valve, diaphragm, cap (upper cover), silicone tubes, and spare parts consists of a valve and diaphragm. 

Within 1 single purchase, you shall get two types of breast shields: Silicone and PP type. Both come in 2 sets, to assist in double pumping mode. But wait, what’s the difference between these two? Continue reading if you want to know more.

Other than that, you will get 2 types of connectors; Single interface for single pumping while the double interface is for double pumping. So, it is completely unnecessary for you to buy them separately.

Each package pre-bundled with 2 units of feeding bottle and 1 unit of nipple set, so that your baby can drink directly from the bottle after pumping.

  • A – Breast shield (Silicone) x 2 (27mm)
  • B – Breast Shield (PP) x 2 (24.2mm)
  • C – Body Connector x 2
  • D – Upper Cover (cap) x 2
  • E – Silicone Diaphragm x 1
  • F – Silicone Valve (1 unit) 
  • G – Feeding Bottle x 2 (180ml)
  • H – Single interface connector x 1
  • I – Nipple set x 1
  • J – Silicone tubes x 2

Remarks: Note that the double interface connector and USB cable are also included in the box but not being displayed in the above photo. You will also get an instruction manual booklet. 


  • Brand: Cmbear
  • Manufacturer Origin: China
  • Type: Single, Double Pumping
  • Hospital Grade: No
  • Model: ZRX-0912
  • Rated Voltage: 4.5 to 5.0 V
  • Rated Current: 0.5 to 2.0 A
  • Rated Power: Not stated
  • Power: AC, Powerbank, Battery
  • Suction Pressure: Max 440 mmHg (58 kPa)
  • Color Variant: Solid white
  • Rechargeable: Yes, with 1100mAH lithium battery

7 Key Features

  • BPA free
  • Portable
  • Nine gears adjustable
  • Ultra-quiet
  • USB powered
  • Massage & suction
  • LCD panel display

Impression by Features


The Cmbear breast pump has very strong suction which is up to 440 mmHg (58 kpa). The maximum suction is actually stronger than my Real Bubee pump which is only up to 330 mmHg.

A unique feature that regular breast pumps don’t have is the dual-frequency mode: 

  • HIGH (Comfort) Frequency: Highly suitable for novice, low milk supply, or nipple sensitive mothers. 
  • LOW (Strengthen) Frequency: Highly suitable for high milk supply mothers.

Both frequency gears have 3 different pumping phases with 9 intensity levels. The pumping phases are Massage, Stimulation, and Expression so altogether, there are a total of 54 mode options for you to choose. 

Low (Strengthen) frequency here means less suction per cycle which is equal to deep, long suction. This feature is particularly designed for high milk supply mothers.

This unique option actually helps a lot in draining all my breastmilk. I personally experienced a much more effective way to remove all my breastmilk with this mode. I normally select this mode whenever:

  • I feel like my breasts still haven’t empty enough yet. 
  • Whenever my milk supply drop = Menstrual days!

Below is my BEST personalized mode when using this breast pump;

My Favorite HIGH (Comfort) Frequency Mode setting:

  • Massage phase Level 7 (120sec): This helps me achieve letdown real fast.
  • Expression phase Level 8 (10 minutes): Drain milk real fast when my breasts full of milk (Especially early morning!)

My Favorite LOW (Strengthen) Frequency Mode setting:

  • Massage phase Level 7 (77) (120sec): Achieve second letdown.
  • Expression phase Level 8 (88) (15 minutes): Helps me drain more milk, but slightly take longer time. 

Remark: When you select High-Frequency Mode with intensity level 7, it will be displayed as 7, whereas Low-Frequency Mode will display as 77.

Actual Milk Yield Using Cmbear Double Breast Pump with HIGH(Comfort) – Frequency Mode

  • During morning pumping, I usually get 8 ounces (total from both breasts) within 10 minutes on average. 
  • Afternoon pumping would give me lower yield due to the shorter interval, so normally I would get 6 oz within 10 minutes. 
  • Evening pumping, the yield is around 6oz within 10 minutes. 

IN TOTAL, with Cmbear Double Breast Pump, I would get 20 oz on average (within 6.30 am ~ 6.00 pm duration)

Compare to Real Bubee, Cmbear has more setting options to select. Since Cmbear has a wider range of suction intensity level, so finding your most ideal suction level is at a breeze.


  • Strong suction with max 58kpa
  • 54 pumping modes
  • 2 frequency gears
  • 3 pumping phases (Massage, Stimulation, Expression) 
  • 9 intensity levels 


This pump is extremely portable. It is lightweight and does not look bulky at all. But if compared to my Real Bubee pump, it is slightly bigger and heavier. But that doesn’t bother me at all since it still fits perfectly inside my Naimax Cooler Bag front compartment.


  • Portable 
  • Lightweight 


This pump is compatible with my Spectra Handsfree Cups and Imani Handsfree Cups. The silicone tubing is similar to both Spectra and Imani, thus no special connector or converter kit is needed. In case you prefer using your personal favorite milk bottle, the breast pump set fits any wide neck bottle type. 


  • Compatible with Spectra and Imani handsfree.
  • Compatible with Spectra and Real Bubee breast pump kits and other brands with similar tubing size. 

Ease of Use

Cmbear Breast pump motor has a modern and stylish LCD touch screen panel. There are no soft buttons. But how does the touch screen perform?

Well, at first, I was too skeptical thinking that it might lag or freeze, but to my surprise, the touchscreen is almost as sensitive as my smartphone. So far, I did not encounter any freezing whenever I change the setting.


  • Has a modern and stylish touch screen LCD display panel.
  • Smooth touch screen experience.


The real reason I wanted to get this pump was its LCD panel display. The panel displays all the essential information that I needed: Frequency Mode, Pumping Phases, Suction Intensity level, battery level, and also the pumping duration. 

It comes with the smart auto-off after 30 minutes feature, my must-have breast pump feature! It protects my breast tissue from damage which normally resulted from excessive continuous pumping.

If no personalized setting is set, it will run on an automatic preset setting. However, it will not automatically increase its expression level under automatic mode. I really like this feature, because when you pump on the road, you do not want the machine to automatically increase its suction that would hurt your breast as some pumps do. 

  • Massage phase in 120 seconds, followed by Expression phase in 28 minutes. 

Apart from that, the pump is equipped with intelligent memory function, which remembers your last pumping mode. So, you need not worry about selecting your preferred personalized mode.

Same as other major brands, rest assured that Cmbear is a closed system with an anti-back flow feature so that your milk won’t get into contact to your pump motor controller.

Other than that, I like the overall cap design. It is tiny and very easy to set up. The breast shield is detachable from the flange which makes cleaning so much easier.


  • Controller panel display Pumping frequency gears, Pumping phase, Pumping intensity, battery level and pumping duration.
  • Has automatic setting from massage to expression.
  • When running on auto mode, does not automatically increase to next intensity level.
  • Auto shut off after 30 minutes.
  • Has intelligent memory by remembering last pumping mode.
  • Has a closed system with anti-back flow.
  • Detachable breast shield which makes easier cleaning.


With a single purchase, you will get two types of breast shield for each set:

  • 24.2 mm size Regular PP (Hard).
  • 27 mm size Silicone (Soft).

So, talking about comfort level, Cmbear pump gives you freedom for better pumping experience with its soft silicone shield. 

Silicone shield gives me more grip. However, despite being superior in stimulating letdown reflex, I found its rather weak in draining my breastmilk. Regular PP type, on the other hand, drain my milk faster, thus shorten my pumping time. 

That being said, the silicone funnel type is rather beneficial to post C-section mothers, who want to pump in side-lying position, as the better grip holds your breast perfectly.


Cmbear pump is slightly noisier than NCVI and Spectra 9 Plus but less noisy than my Real Bubee. With noise level at only 42.6 dB, I would rate it as a quiet pump but not super silent, which technically equivalents to a quiet library. 


  • Slightly noisier than NCVI and Spectra but less noisy than Real Bubee. 

Battery Performance

Some mothers prefer rechargeable type breast pump while some don’t really need this feature. Cmbear takes 4 hours until it’s fully charged and lasts for up to 4 pumping sessions (that’s equal to 120 minutes, based on 30 minutes per session). 

As the battery gets weaker, you will notice a gradual decrease in the suction’s intensity. I am absolutely sure that the same thing goes to any other rechargeable breast pump available in the market. 

That’s why I prefer using my power bank rather than depending on the built-in rechargeable battery alone.


  • Takes 4 hours until fully charged.
  • Battery lasts for 120 minutes pumping duration.

Product’s Pros

  • Affordable price
  • Rechargeable
  • With 30-minute smart auto-off
  • With MEMORY function
  • With 54 pumping modes
  • Quiet < 45 dB
  • Super strong suction
  • Smooth suction
  • Compatible with Spectra or Imani Handsfree Cup
  • Closed System with anti-back flow
  • Easier to clean

Product’s Cons

  • Decreased suction when the battery goes weaker.

Does It Worth Buying?

Yes, this is a great choice of a personal double electric breast pump which price is gentle to your wallet. Even though this isn’t a hospital-grade type, the super-strong suction exceeded my expectations.

Who Should Get This?

With its unique dual-frequency features, this benefits both novice and experienced nursing mothers. Not forgetting the post C-section mothers who are actively breast pumping, the silicone shields definitely assist in side-lying pumping.

  • Best for nipple sensitive mothers.
  • Best for post C-section nursing mothers.

Price and Where To Buy?

You can purchase this from Shopee MY. The price starts at 127 MYR (27 USD). For international buyers, you can buy on Amazon or AliExpress.Shopee (MY)

Final Thoughts

Performance-wise, Cmbear is slightly better than Real Bubee in terms of built-in qualities, design, and practicalities, thus priced at a slightly higher price. Since I strongly need the smart 30 minutes auto shutdown and pumping duration display features, I am currently attached to this pump as my daily portable breast pump. 

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