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Goo.N Premium Pants Diapers Review

As my baby hits the rollover milestone, it is more challenging to put the tape diaper on him. Due to that, pant diaper type has become his daily day wear because it is easier to put on compared to tape type. Since having my first child, I have been...
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NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump Review

I had just given birth to a healthy baby boy last year and have decided for exclusive breastfeeding. Like any other women, I want to continue giving breast milk to my baby as long as I could. So, I really need a decent long-lasting double electric breast pump in...
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Imani Handsfree Review

Hello, fellow pumping mates! I’m back with another Korean brand handsfree review. Since this a new product, I’m naturally interested and triggered to try. So, let’s dig into the details of the product and figure out my final thoughts about Imani Handsfree and how does it compare with the...
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Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump Review

I was sharing the room with one of my mates one day when I got a bit of shock. Suddenly, I realized that my pumping mate pumped the same amount of milk in 75% of my pumping time. I started to ponder that what were the contributing factors in...
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Naimax Cooler Bag Review

I was struggling to find a good bag to get my breast milk chilled for at least 8 hours. This tiresome journey of 6 months ended when a friend of mine recommended me the Naimax cooler bag series. I was amazed to discover that this series was offering some...
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Spectra Handsfree Review

This is my honest review on the Spectra Handsfree which I recently bought online. Could this be the best competitor among all due to its cheaper price compared to other brands like Freemie, Imani, Youcup, or Milk Planet Freedom? Let’s dive in! What’s in the Box? A – 2...
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