Autumnz Sterilizer And Dryer Review

My latest product obsession right now is the baby bottle sterilizer from a local brand called Autumnz. I am totally blown away by how convenient my life has become, once owning this little appliance.

You may tell from the product’s name, the function is to sterilize baby’s feeding equipment such as baby’s feeding bottle, teats, and breast pump parts. Read further for more photos and an in-depth review of this product.


This little appliance comes in 2 in 1 functions where you can dry your baby’s feeding equipment immediately after sterilization.

If you don’t have enough time to air dry your baby’s feeding equipment, this handy appliance would save your time a lot.

Sometimes, I was too lazy to wash my breast pump parts once I returned home (I’m not sure if you guys did).

Without this little helper, I won’t be able to get all my pump parts fully dry a few hours before going to work.

Ease Of Use

Autumnz Sterilizer (2-in-1 with drying feature) has a very simple operating function. With only 1 touch ON/OFF button, you do not need to manually switch to drying function once sterilization completed.

This model has a preset system whereby it will automatically switch to drying function once the sterilization cycle has completed.

Just 1-time press, and you can just leave it there to finish its job! Once it completed the drying cycle, it will shut automatically and make a beeping sound to acknowledge you.

Durability & Built-in Quality

Autumnz Sterilizer comes with 12 months warranty. Its body part made from the non-BPA plastic material. Main body parts including the lid and storage partition do feel very solid and thick.

So far, with daily usages, it has no sign of damage and does not produce any toxic smell. In short, quality and durability wise are damn good!


It has built-in storage partitions to separate the bottom and upper area. You may remove the built-in partition if you wish to put larger size feeding bottles.

The bottom part is mainly designed for baby’s bottle whereas the upper part area is specifically for baby’s bottle teats, bottle caps, or lids. You can put 6 wide neck bottles whereas for the standard neck is up to 9 bottles.


Sterilization will take about 9 minutes while the drying process will roughly take about 40 minutes, which makes a total operating time of 49 minutes in a single operation.

But, this is just the recommended time so you may choose to shorten the drying process time if you have fewer parts to dry.

Simple tips: More parts equal longer drying time. If you want to turn it off manually, just press the ON/OFF button.

In my case, I normally sterilize my Spectra Handsfree pump parts together with 4 standard neck bottles. Usually, the drying process would take around 30 minutes.

Model Variants

Autumnz Sterilizer with drying function comes in 2 colors, Lilac Purple and Blue. There is another model with only Sterilizing function, also comes in blue and purple color. If you don’t need drying function, you can opt for this option and it is slightly cheaper.


The cheapest you could get is at MYR170 (USD40.39). You can purchase either on Lazada or Shopee online store. Some sellers provide 1 unit of tong as a free gift upon purchase.LazadaShopee

Tong is very useful for you to transfer newly sterilized items out from the sterilizer because you do not want to touch the hot bottle with bare hands.

There are few other brands like Milk Planet, Mimosa, My Dear and Philips Avents. But, Autumnz is by far the cheapest in the market.

Some other brands offer only 1 single function (sterilization only without drying function) for the same price. Therefore, if you are looking for a great bargain with the best value, just get this little one.

Final Thoughts

Why should we invest extra money in a more expensive product while we can get a cheaper price with equal quality and efficiency? To all busy mummies out there, if you are still looking for the best affordable Bottle Sterilizer, Autumnz Bottle Sterilizer is your best choice! Don’t hesitate to grab one for yourself now! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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