2-months-old Baby Milestone Ultimate Checklist

Your baby has finally 2 months old! From week to week, he has already gone through immense progression, both physically and social-emotionally.

Again, you may start wondering, “When will my baby roll over?”, or “Does my 2 months baby’s physical development on track or delayed? Worry no more, the following content will give you the general ideas of 2 months old baby milestones.

Gross Motor Skills

Your baby’s neck starts to get stronger each day. That helps him lift up his neck for a few seconds when lying face down. You would notice he would make a variety of head and neck movement as well. Try to get him lying on his stomach, you will catch him leaning on his forearms. He will also apply some pressure when his feet against a firm surface.

Key Milestones

  • Lift up neck for a few seconds.
  • Makes various neck and head movement.
  • Lean on forearms when lying face down.
  • Apply pressure when feet against hard surfaces.
  • Likes to be carried.

Fine Motor Skills

Try placing a toy on your baby’s hands, you will notice that he will grab the toy firmly. Your 2 months old baby’s hands will stay open for a longer time as Palmar Grasp Reflex starts to disappear. He will most probably hit any hanging objects near his fingertips too. This month your baby will also be doing hands movement such as open and close his hands.

Key Milestones

  • Grabs toys firmly.
  • Hand’s stay opened for a longer time.
  • Hits objects if put near fingertips.
  • Open or close hands.

Cognitive Skills

You will see that your 2 months old baby always brings his hands on his mouth. Your baby this month has developed longer term memory. You will notice that he starts to recognise people whom he sees frequently. Be surprised to see random hands and legs movement when he gets excited over interesting event like feeding time etc.

Key Milestones

  • Brings hands to mouth.
  • Has developed longer term memory.
  • Random hands and legs movement.

Speech & Language Skills

Your baby will react to sounds through sighs, coos, gurgles, or combination of all.

Key Milestones

  • Express emotions through sighs, coos, gurgles, or combinations of all.
  • Sometimes cry if she hears her older sibling cries.

Sensory Skills

At 2 months old of age, your baby will be able to follow objects movement with eyes, then with head. Play some sounds near him, and he will look for the source of the sounds. Your bonding time has become interesting this time when your baby looks at you with increased attention. During feeding time, your baby most likely looks simultaneously at the feeding bottle as cross-sense coordination has improved. If you sing a lot, he would enjoy listening too.

Key Milestones

  • Follow objects movement with eyes first, followed by neck.
  • Looks for source of sounds.
  • Shows increased attention.
  • Stop current activity when listening to new noises.

Social Emotional

Your baby at this age will seek your attention when you are nearby. He will show various facial expression and you would be able to tell his mood. Crying frequency expected to decrease compared to the previous month.

Key Milestones

  • Seeks your attention whenever you are nearby.
  • Shows various facial expression.
  • Less crying frequency.

Final Thoughts

At this period of time, you would notice a significant physical and social improvement in your 2 months baby. You will get to know him better as time goes by. Just do what your instincts tell you and continue your bonding activities to improve his physical related development as well with your social relationships with him.

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